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5 Amazing Ways Zinc Sunscreen Protects Your Skin

zinc sunscreen

Nothing compares to the power of Zinc Sunscreen, regardless of the many products on the market, when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. While Zinc has an array of benefits for your skin including improving wound healing, treating acne breakouts, and locking in moisture, it is most known for providing the greatest protection against sun damage. Navigating the sunscreen space, however, can be understandably confusing and frustrating, with many consumers giving up on it all together. Don’t fret though, we are going to give you the inside scoop on all things Zinc Sunscreen and its ability to protect your skin. 

What Is Zinc Sunscreen?
Zinc has been used for thousands of years for its powerful and natural skin healing properties. When heated and combined with oxygen molecules, the result is Zinc Oxide. Zinc Sunscreen, also known as Zinc Oxide Sunscreen, contains basic Zinc Oxide particles. Since these particles are mineral (from the earth) rather than chemical (from a lab), it is much better for your skin and your overall health. Here’s why — These particles only rest on this outermost layer of skin so they aren’t absorbed into your skin’s pores. This means that you aren’t releasing any potentially harmful chemicals into your body. It truly provides the most effective and natural protection from those harmful UV rays.

How and Why Does It Work?
As previously stated, the Zinc Oxide particles that make up the sunscreen simply rest on the outside layer of skin. Because it doesn’t absorb any further, it is also better able to absorb the sun’s rays and reflect them back, keeping your skin protected longer. Zinc Sunscreen also provides Broad Spectrum protection, which means that it defends your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

Mineral Versus Chemical
Chemical sunscreens, on the other hand, do have the potential to be absorbed into the skin. Many have reported various types of reactions and irritations as a result of using chemicals on their skin. Some of the chemicals that are used by many sunscreen manufacturers include Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, and Homosalate. These chemicals have also been linked to tissue damage, allergic skin reactions, and even potential hormone disruption. Yikes!

Is It Truly Effective?
In one word, YES! Thankfully, sun protection has come a long way and consumers are demanding fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients. With its broad spectrum coverage for your skin, and its ability to repel those harmful rays from the epidermis, Zinc Sunscreen allows you to feel protected and ready to take on the sun all year ‘round. Look for Zinc Sunscreen products that fit your active lifestyle, like an SPF makeup setting spray or even try out some of the best organic facial sunscreen options. They can help keep you feeling and looking great all throughout the day while staying protected.

Should I Have Any Concerns?
There are virtually no concerns to have when relying on Zinc Sunscreen products. Of course, in order to keep yourself even more protected, we encourage the use of hats, sunglasses and other means of coverage along with your sunscreen. Even though Zinc Sunscreen offers the best sun protection, as with any sunscreen, always remember to reapply every 2 hours and use no matter cloudy and cold, or sunny and warm.

If you aren’t sure which natural Zinc Sunscreen is the way to go, we encourage you to find out more information about our revolutionary sunscreen facial mist, ZINC IT OVER®. Trust us when we tell you that you won’t regret it! It’s not only a convenient and effective sun-care solution but it also doubles as an SPF makeup setting spray. Look better, feel fantastic, and rest assured that you are achieving the greatest protection with a simple, natural sunscreen that is safe and effective. Let ZINC IT OVER® be your skin’s new best friend!

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