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5 Beauty Documentaries All Women Should Watch

latest beauty skincare documentaries

The beauty industry is an ever growing industry making billions of dollars each year. Each brand seeking to stand out from the rest with the next big idea or ingredient. However, they all exist for the same reason, to help you feel beautiful and confident inside and out. Sadly, there is a lot in this industry that the average consumer doesn't know. Many popular products or ingredients have been shown to have potentially harmful affects on your skin or body.

Thankfully, these documentaries are shining a light on the potential hidden dangers. Check out these latest beauty documentaries so you can stay educated and informed on what you're putting in and on your body. After all, you only have one!

Your Skin

Looking to learn more about your skin and its microbiome? Check out the "Your Skin" episode from the hit Netflix series, Explained. This enlightening skin documentary explores our skin's delicate ecosystem and it's vital role in maintaining our overall health. It explains why taking care of this vital organ is so important. The episode is an insightful and eye-opening look at the world of skincare, featuring expert insights from Dr. Elsa Jungman and other leading experts in the field.

Toxic Beauty

The "Toxic Beauty" documentary is a thought-provoking and eye-opening look at the potential dangers of using popular beauty and personal care products. Through interviews with scientists, doctors, and lawyers, this film explores the issues surrounding a substandard regulation system that can allow potentially dangerous chemicals to be used in these products. The award-winning documentary looks at a class action lawsuit and the chemical body burden from over 27 different products. This is a must-see!


Aired on HBO Max, the min-series "#NotSoPretty" takes a critical look at the beauty industry and its potentially dangerous ingredients. This eye-opening film is narrated by the incredible Keke Palmer also looks into the toll the industry takes on people, communities, and the environment. Featuring interviews with leading scientists, doctors, lawyers and consumers, this four part docuseries will certainly make you think twice before walking down the beauty isle.

Reefs at Risk

Another interesting skin documentary to check out is "Reefs at Risk," which takes an in-depth look at the effects of certain chemicals in sunscreen on coral reefs and marine life. The film explores the impacts of oxybenzone, a common UV chemical commonly used in sunscreen. Furthermore, it highlights Hawaii's efforts to ban this harmful chemical and encourages other states and nations to do the same. It's a documentary you'd want to watch if you're interested in protecting our oceans and fragile marine ecosystems.

Subjects of Desire

Lastly, another thought-provoking documentary, "Subjects of Desire," examines the cultural shift in North American beauty standards toward embracing black and brown aesthetics and features. Featuring interviews with experts in the field, this film explores the rise of spray-tanned skin, fuller lips, athletic bodies, and society's growing fixation on the booty. Whether you agree with this shift or not, Subjects of Desire is a must-watch film that offers critical insights into the complex history and modern-day implications of beauty.

If you're interested in learning more about beauty and skincare, be sure to check out the other articles in our blog!

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