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Retailer Spotlight: Switch2Pure

Switch 2 Pure feature

Is your beauty shelf stocked full of chemical-laden products? We hope not but for those of you willing to admit it, it's time for a change. Isn't that what 2020 has been all about, get with it! The foundation of anything is wholly imperative - buildings, businesses, families - and your skin, health, beauty, and wellness are no exception. Toxins and chemicals can damage not only your skin but can also have adverse effects on your health. That is where this particular skincare company shines brighter than the rest - by focusing on the foundation of health and wellness.

Switch2Pure was founded after former attorney, Estela Cockrell, started having unexplained health issues. She began to take a closer look at the everyday products she was using on her skin. Upon doing her due diligence she came to the realization that many of their ingredients could've had devastating consequences with regards to health as a whole. That’s when the idea for Switch2Pure came into existence.

Switch2Pure: What's it all about?

Switch2Pure offers an entire range of safe, eco-friendly, yet still effective and powerful body, beauty, and skincare products. What first began as an online shop has quickly grown, not just in reputation, but physically as well. After starting off with multiple successful pop-ups, the Wellery + Spa, in Houston, Texas, opened recently to raving reviews. It is an immersive beauty and wellness destination that offers everything from organic spray tanning, makeup application, and facials to infrared treatments, just to name a few. And, that is not even mentioning their massively successful beauty and skincare products that are available.

Benefits of Using Clean, Organic, and/or Non-Toxic Beauty Products:

Many of today’s popular, commonly used beauty and skincare products, contain harmful ingredients. Some of which, have been linked to a wide array of medical conditions. This includes possible birth defects, asthma, cognitive disorders, and even certain types of cancer. Yikes!

Switch2Pure, along with their team of scientific experts, formulated a beauty and skincare line with natural and pure ingredients - you know, the ones that normal humans can actually pronounce. Not only are their products healthier for you, but they are also eco-conscious, with even their packaging being fully recyclable. If you have the choice between putting harmful chemicals on your skin, (of which, about 60% of the time absorbs into the body) why not choose the powerfully efficient, safe, and natural alternatives? Especially when they actually work!

Purists Unite!

No more should we accept applying possibly dangerous and damaging products to our skin, and, ultimately our bodies. That is what Switch2Pure and its mission are all about - Non-toxic, natural, performance-based, and highly effective health and beauty alternatives. They encourage their clients to embrace clean beauty as well as healthy wellness practices. There is no better time to become a purist!

We are proud to have our vegan, cruelty-free, and chemical-free sunscreen facial mist, ZINC IT OVER, offered at Switch2Pure. Located at 3601 W. Alabama St. Houston, TX 77027.

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