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Top 5 Skincare and Sunscreen Apps for Suncare

best skin care apps to protect your skin

A sunscreen app can be an extremely effective resource in protecting your skin against damaging UV rays . These apps are ideal if you have a busy lifestyle or simply forget to apply and reapply sunscreen.

Below are a few of the best skincare apps that can help you keep track of your sun exposure:

1. Trove Skin
Trove Skin is a free app that uses AI technology to measure your skin's condition and track how your skin responds to sun exposure, stress, and other factors. The app scans an image of your skin and analyzes factors like pores, dark spots, wrinkles, and skin firmness. It then provides you with a personalized skincare recommendation. You can set your skin goals and track the changes by logging in daily to compare the changes over time. Moreover, the app recommends personalized skincare products depending on your skin condition.

2. UV Lens App
UVLens is a free skincare app that lets you know how intense the sun's rays are in any location worldwide. It takes sunlight level readings from hundreds of weather stations and uses them to calculate your UV index wherever you are. You can also use it to find the perfect sunscreen matching your skin type with daily updates. This app will provide more accurate and personalized advice on how much sun you can tolerate. It also sends notifications to remind you to reapply if needed.

3. Mii Skin
Miiskin is a free, intelligent skin-check app. It measures your skin's appearance to determine the effects of UV rays and other factors that cause aging. When you first install the app, it scans your skin photos and identifies the changing areas. You can use it to keep track of what you're doing right or wrong in terms of your skin's appearance. Furthermore, you can use the app's built-in UV meter to measure the intensity of sun exposure and determine the best time for you to apply sunscreen.

4. Reapply app
Reapply is a free app that uses AI technology to remind you to apply sunscreen when you're outdoors. It tracks your UV exposure and suggests when you need to reapply sunscreen. You can set the time that your sunscreen will stay effective against UV rays. So, if you set it to, say, 2 or 3 hours outside, the app will remind you at that time to reapply it. Also, if it's time to reapply but you forgot to do so, Reapply will send a notification reminder.

5. Sunscreenr
Sunscreenr is another free app that helps users measure and track their skin's condition. Additionally, it shows you where you missed a spot when applying sunscreen. It also shows the areas you need to reapply your sunscreen due to sweating or swimming. Furthermore, it's a great resource to help you understand the relationship between your skin and UV rays.

As you can see, these top-rated skincare apps are very useful to help protect your skin. If you are committed to applying and reapplying sunscreen properly then they are absolutely a great place to start. You should be aware that some of these apps have in-app purchases or require a subscription. 

Remember to always use a broad-spectrum, zinc-based sunscreen and reapply often!

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