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Welcome FAB friends! We’re talking to you!

Best zinc oxide natural sunscreen for face

Welcome to the first blog post for Seriously FAB™! We are ecstatic that you stopped by to visit as we have been so eager to share our vision, our website and our very first product with you!

Through this site we hope to provide you with the highest quality skin care and anti-aging solutions that you can always depend on to be Organic, Cruelty Free, and minus the harmful chemicals contained in many of the well-known beauty brands, as well as an easy & fun shopping experience.

Through our blogs, we are committed to delivering the latest beauty news, skin care tips, and informative articles that will have you falling in love with your skin again!

Our first product, ZINC IT OVER™ is a Zinc-based, sheer sunscreen mist made with a unique blend of sea botanicals, antioxidants and probiotics. This refreshing mist will leave your skin feeling healthy, hydrated and yes… FAB!

Whether home, work, or play, ZINC IT OVER™ was made with your active lifestyle in mind. Its unique formula allows you to apply it over makeup, throw it in your purse, and reapply every 2 hours so that you are always protected against harmful UVA/UVB rays!

Seriously FAB is the brainchild of a long time beauty and skin fanatic that had the thought… What If? What if we invented innovative skin care solutions that were able to tackle some of the challenges that women face in the quest for good skin? What if we were able to offer products that didn’t just say “organic” but truly practiced what they preached? What if there was a sunscreen that you could mist right on top of your makeup when you’re out prettied up, doing fun stuff all day long?

What started as a simple What If? has now turned into reality and we cannot wait for you to experience our first FAB product, ZINC IT OVER™… the NEW way to sunscreen!

Please feel free to reach out to us with comments or questions ~ your thoughts are valued and appreciated.

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