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winter skin care tips

Winter skincare. We know, just seeing the words on your screen makes you shudder in fear. Don't get us wrong, winter is an amazing time of year. You get Christmas and cooler weather, after all. Along with that cooler weather, however, comes dry, itchy skin. The words winter skincare makes us all cringe because it reminds us of the herculean chore of trying to avoid the horrible "dry skin on face" curse that comes around this time of year. Well, calm down- it's going to be okay, we promise!

As a gift we're sure you'll enjoy, here are a few home remedies for dry skin that actually work. You can thank us later!

Winter Skincare Demands You Skip Hot Showers

Look, before you go all, "Ewww, gross!" at us, we aren't saying don't shower. Please don't stop showering just because it too can make your skin dry. Plus, we will deny everything if you tell people you got that tip from us. What we are trying to say is consider taking a lukewarm one instead. It'll also help if your soap is gentle and all natural!

Dry Skin on Face? Use Salt or Sugar

Alright, so your face is feeling particularly sandpaper-like now that it's cold. No problem, you can buy some salt or a sugar rub to help exfoliate your skin. This will uncover the fresh skin beneath that can easily absorb moisture. Also, isn’t it funny how the act of getting rid of dead skin is made to sound so pretty, lol?!

Moisturize Directly After Bathing

Well, this one is self-explanatory. After that lukewarm show, an extra step you can take to combat dry, itchy skin is to moisturize right afterward. Lotions are made to lock in moisture, so they'll do this more efficiently if you apply them while your skin is moist. Dry skin in winter won't stand a chance.

Use Milk for Itchy Skin

You read that right. If you have dry skin on your face, or anywhere really. Slap on some milk. No, we are not crazy, It actually works! To clarify, get a bowl, dip a washcloth in it, and apply to your skin. The lactic acid is actually good for your skin. You’ll go from feeling like a mass of angry ants wants to consume your flesh and more like a person again!

To take this a step farther, you can just straight up take a milk bath. Simply add two cups of milk and a quarter cup of honey to a lukewarm bath and soak. It'll work wonders.

Drink Water and Eat Foods High In Water Content

This one might sound pretty basic, but it’s one of the most important. That hot cocoa and tea sound good (mostly because they are), but water can help you avoid dry, itchy skin. It’ll also make your winter skin care regimen a bit easier to manage. If drinking plenty of water seems like the absolute worst, compromise by eating foods that have a lot of water instead.

Watermelon, apples, oranges, cucumbers. carrots; all of these are filled with water and can aid in hydrating your skin. Make sure to consume foods with vitamin C and zinc so that your body can produce healthy collagen and elastin.


winter dry skin tips

Bonus Dry Skin Remedy:

Zinc Sunscreen

Last but certainly not least is wearing zinc sunscreen! You're probably thinking we made a mistake and this is from the summer skincare routine. True, it is but it’s not a mistake- it’s also a vital aspect of winter skin care as well. Zinc Oxide is the only commonly-used sunscreen ingredient that protects across the full spectrum of UV rays.

zinc it over moisturizing sunscreen facial mistIf you aren’t sure which zinc sunscreen is the way to go, we encourage you to find out more information about our revolutionary sunscreen facial mist, ZINC IT OVER®. Trust us when we tell you that you won’t regret it! It’s not only a convenient and effective sun care solution but it also doubles as an SPF makeup setting spray. Look better, feel fantastic, and rest assured that you are achieving the greatest protection with a simple, natural sunscreen that is safe and effective.

If you've got the “dry skin in winter blues” try some of these methods out, you won't be disappointed! So, go ahead, take that lukewarm milk bath and drink some water before bed tonight. We'll still be waiting on that thank you when you wake up the next morning with glowing skin!

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