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New! The Best SPF Face Mist for Over Makeup

Sheer Zinc-Based Sunscreen

You can ZINC with us!

Alright ladies, the product launch of our very first product, ZINC IT OVER™ SPF 20 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Mist, is only a few weeks away (happy dance)! You’ve seen us post about it across our social media but what really is it? What makes it different than other suncare products out there? Why should you take notice of it?

Before we get into those questions, let’s get a few important facts out of the way! We all know the sun emits harmful UV rays that cause skin damage but still, so many people don’t take it seriously until it’s too late. This sun damage is one of the key causes of skin aging and the number one cause of skin cancer!

We all have friends that are constantly pointing out how old they look, wrinkles that pop up or wonder why they are having so many skin issues. Well, we challenge you to ask them if they use sun protection on a consistent basis along with their regular skincare routine. Chances are, they may be overlooking this important skin care must. When women were asked why they don’t use sun protection like they should, a few of the top reasons uncovered were: 

  • Forgetfulness- whether you meant to put sun protection on or totally forgot, by the time you realize you need it, you’ve already left the house without it!
  • Makeup- not wanting to ruin your makeup was another big reason for not wearing proper sun care, which we totally get!
  • Chemicals- worries about the chemicals contained in some sunscreens was also a legitimate concern.
Sheer Zinc-Based Sunscreen
Sheer Zinc-Based Sunscreen
Sheer Zinc-Based Sunscreen


All those reasons are completely understandable! Here at Seriously FAB, we understand life is a busy roller coaster and you need products that fit your lifestyle. We wanted to create a product that made sense for active women, that is why we knew a sunscreen mist was the way to go. It’s a lightweight formula, fits in your bag, and best of all, it was made FOR USE OVER MAKEUP! Moreover, it smells great and is SAFE (no controversial chemicals)!

Our main active ingredients of micronized Zinc and Titanium Dioxide are both proven radiation blockers that literally scatter UV rays. In addition, we loaded it up with natural botanicals and antioxidants that are sure to be your skin’s BFF. Some of the vitamin and mineral rich antioxidants we included in our unique blend are seaweed, kale, and blueberry!

On top of all that fabulousness, we made sure our product was completely Cruelty-Free and Vegan, paraben free, hypoallergenic and gluten-free! Show your skin some love and pre-order your bottle of ZINC IT OVER™ here. If you are a blogger or blogger that would like to review our product, please email us at to discuss a collaboration. We are open to all ideas so that the world can learn about this very special product!

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