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How Gardening Can Improve Your Health

Gardening Can Improve Your Health

Some people garden because they realize that the benefits of gardening are endless. Not only is gardening a fun and educational hobby, but you will also develop an appreciation for nature. But there is more to it than that - physically, mentally and even spiritually, gardening can greatly improve your health.

Physical Benefits

Gardening can provide stress relief by releasing the stress hormone known as Cortisol, and the countless people who find it peaceful caring for their plants can attest to this. Additionally, there are many different types of bacteria and germs present in the soil you work with. Studies indicate that exposure to soil helps build up your immunity against certain diseases that may present themselves in the future. Having a garden can also be like having your own gym in the open air! Mowing and shoveling are great ways of doing this, while pruning can work on the upper body. Statistically speaking gardening can burn up plenty of calories in just 3 hours than you'd get for one at the local gym!

Gardening is also a great reason to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine. Gardening can increase your Vitamin D count and get you that golden tan you’ve been wanting. Just don’t forget to use your ZINC IT OVER® Sunscreen Facial Mist and reapply every two hours.

With gardening will also come an appreciation for a healthier diet, so don’t be surprised when you find yourself indulging in more salads, herbs, and plant-based dishes. Gardening also stimulates the brain and the mind, which leads us to the mental benefits of gardening.

Mental Benefits

Gardening can also be your ticket to relieving yourself of a stressful day whether at work- we've all been there; never-ending phone calls, co-workers misplacing files, rude clients. Whatever the case may be tending to your garden serves as meditation. The tranquility offers horticultural benefits including improving mood, improving memory and attention, reducing chronic pain, and connecting us back to the simplistic beauty of life.

What Plants to Start With

Medicinal plants can oftentimes work better than pharmaceuticals you buy over the counter, not to mention, many of them didn't exist decades or centuries ago. Here are a few awesome yet easy to sustain plants to get you started.

  1. Aloe Vera - It needs just moist soil, and it can help with burns, wounds and skin allergies. Aloe Vera sap only needs to be applied to those, but ingesting it can help you with ulcers and digestive problems.
  2. Marsh Mallow - Despite the similarity in name to the fluffy sweet, this plant has roots which can help you recover from insect bites, bruises, inflamed skin, aching muscles, and wounds. Internally, Marsh Mallow can help you recover from ulcers and stomach acid problems.
  3. Chinese Yam - This plant has a wide number of benefits - it can help treat lungs and kidney problems, but it can also help treat tiredness, diarrhea, and dry coughs, poor digestion, and helps in weight loss.

Herbal Plants

  1. Basil is a fantastic ingredient in salads and recipes. Originally a sacred herb from India, it thrives in the British climate.
  2. Chives were once thought to be capable of ridding your home of evil spirits, now it makes an excellent addition to your meals. Chives are versatile with their flowers being used in garnishes.
  3. Mint is a really hardy herb which needs only moist soil, but it can be invasive. But it is fun to grow and it has a refreshing enough flavor which can be used in domestic herbal remedies and herbal teas.

Let us know what are your favorite plants to grow and why in the comments below! Did you know our revolutionary sunscreen facial mist ZINC IT OVER® contains tons of natural botanicals including pumpkin seed, rooibos, aloe vera, and acerola cherry? Click here to learn more!

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