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How Vitamin E Makes You Look Young

Vitamin E skincare

Let’s face it: we’re all going to show signs of aging at some point. But a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, rest, and personalized skincare can ensure that it doesn’t happen prematurely. A previous article on The Most Important Skincare Products for Women Over 30 highlighted what should be in every woman’s bathroom counter, and Vitamin E-based products are a worthy addition to this list.

Found in supplements, ointments, and a range of skincare products, Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin known for its anti-aging benefits with no serious risks. You can also increase your consumption of Vitamin E naturally with food. Green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach are rich in this micronutrient, while Pretty Me notes that fruits like avocado and banana are also great sources of Vitamin E to get a natural glow.

skin healthy food glowing skin

Other options include nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds and hazelnuts; vegetable oils such as wheat germ and safflower oil; and fatty fish like salmon. 

That said, here's how Vitamin E can give you a more youthful glow. 

Fights free radical damage

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant, the body’s defense against damage from harmful substances or toxins. According to dermatologist Dr. Mark Gray, these substances, also called free radicals, cause damage at the cellular level, making us age faster from the inside. He likens free radical damage to an apple that’s been cut in half: though it is still edible, the fruit easily goes brown and loses its appeal. Vitamin E and other natural antioxidants can help combat this and slow down the aging process. 

Moisturizes skin

Applying Vitamin E oil topically prevents dehydration of the skin. Everyone needs to moisturize every day as it prevents dry and cracked skin, which is more susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines.

Contains anti-inflammatory properties

Good news for those who suffer from persistent breakouts: The Cut notes that Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces redness and puffiness of the face, as well as tones down inflammation that contributes to chronic acne. People who suffer from rosacea and psoriasis can benefit from this as well, as chronic inflammation is one of the known causes of these conditions.

vitamin E benefits psoriasis rosacea

Lightens age spots

Getting a tan in the summer is all well and good, but the excess melanin may come with a catch: age spots. Luckily, Shape states that serums with a combination of Vitamins E and C, as well as other nourishing compounds, can boost collagen production. What collagen does is lighten the appearance of these dark spots by replacing skin cells and making them more firm. 

Prevents darkening under the eyes

Because Vitamin E helps reduce dark spots, it can also be effective against eye bags and dark circles. While many under-eye creams with Vitamin E are available in the market, you can also opt to use Vitamin E oil, which also tightens the skin and gives off a brightening effect. 

Promotes healthy hair and nails

vitamin E benefits hair and nails

Lastly, Vitamin E promotes hair and nail growth by boosting blood flow. It can gradually liven up a dull mane as well as prevent hair loss. Vitamin E is also effective against peeling, cracking, and yellowing of the nails, which definitely make your hands and feet look old!

With all of these benefits from incorporating Vitamin E into your skincare care routine, a great way to seal these all in and protect your skin, even more, is with a chemical-free sunscreen like ZINC IT OVER. It's so easy to use, with direct application right over your makeup.

For those that prefer to obtain their Vitamin E via supplement, be sure to check out CHEERS LUV, a pro-youth capsule formulated to nourish your skin + body from the inside out.

Written solely for the use of Seriously FAB LLC by Tirah Nicks

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  • Maryanne Maryanne

    I have been taking vitamin E since I was 25 & Im now 66 & everyone tells me that I look in my late 40’s.

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