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Seriously FAB with Frances Eshom-Arzadon

 Frances Eshom-Arzadon

Being a vegan and cruelty-free brand is FAB. The people that promote vegan and cruelty-free brands are FAB. That's why we decided to start a monthly series highlighting people and brands that are helping to progress the cruelty-free beauty movement. Kicking off our series is ethical beauty blogger Frances Eshom-Arzadon. We sat down with this inspiring beauty to find out more about her and what drives her passion for the environment.

Frances Eshom-Arzadon

Instagram: @franceseshom_arzadon
Facebook: @beachblondeeblog
Pinterest: @franceseshomarzadon

 Frances Eshom-Arzadon

SF: So, tell us a little about yourself and your journey.

Frances:  I have always loved anything and everything related to beauty, but about three years ago I decided to start switching to all cruelty-free products and support companies that valued animal lives over profit. I learned how animals are treated in testing labs and even saw some horrific photos from companies I used to love, like Neutrogena. I know that my passion for beauty does not have to compete with my deep love for animals when there are so many amazing brands and products out there that support ethical practices.

SF: What advice would you give others that want to transition to cruelty-free or vegan products?

 Frances Eshom-ArzadonFrances: Switching to cruelty-free and/or vegan products doesn't have to be any more difficult or expensive than the products you already purchase. I have found to be an incredible resource, as well as beauty box subscriptions - they are a great way to discover new cruelty-free and vegan brands AND new products. I’ve been getting Petit Vour’s monthly box for about three years now and love them!

SF: What is your biggest skincare challenge?

Frances: I’ve always struggled with acne. I’m still working on figuring out a good routine that suits my adult skin since it has different needs than when I was a teenager.

SF: How important do you feel SPF is in a daily beauty routine?

Frances: I feel it is absolutely necessary. I started wearing SPF religiously when I was 22 and haven’t stopped since. I wear it every day, no matter where I am going or what I am doing, whether I’m wearing makeup or not, and even if my makeup has SPF in it.

SF: What does your everyday makeup routine look like?

Frances: My everyday makeup routine is very fresh and simple – I value sleep too much for a fancy look when I’m just going to work haha. After I apply sunscreen, I use either a CC cream or light foundation, followed up by blemish and under-eye concealer. I always use a translucent powder to set my base, then add blush, brow gel, and mascara (I always curl my lashes, too). I finish my face off with a matte setting spray and a pink lip balm.

SF: What is the biggest complaint you hear about sunscreen?

Frances: That it’s white. I’m all for mineral sunscreen and keeping my skin safe, but I don’t want to look like a ghost.

SF: Why is supporting cruelty-free or vegan beauty brands important to you?

Frances: Supporting cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands is so important to me simply because I see no need to support companies that value money over animals’ lives. As consumers, we have the power to speak - and essentially vote – with our money. If you could vote for a brand that tortures animals or a second that doesn’t, which would you choose? I find it hard to believe that when the question is posed that way, anyone would willingly pick the company that tests on animals.

Follow Frances on Instagram and check out her blog Beach Blonde to learn more. 

 Frances Eshom-Arzadon

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