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3 Unique Spring Festival Makeup Looks

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Well, it is springtime once again! Are you planning to attend any spring festivals or events? If so, it's past time you think about completely unique spring makeup to wow your friends and bae!!

Spring festivals are so much fun. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, you are looking absolutely fabulous. The one question, especially at festivals, is what am I going to wear and how am I going to stand out with my makeup looks?

Our first tip is when you do your spring makeup looks, put a little bit of you into it! It's one of the only times that you can be you and go all out- it's ok to be extra in this case! Don't be afraid to take risks. To fall in line with the season, sticking to pastels and spring related colors is a safe choice.

If you want to slay at your next spring festival, try out these 3 uniquely stunning, super easy, spring makeup tutorials.

3 Unique Spring Festival Makeup Ideas

Springtime Flowers

easy spring makeup ideas

When you think of springtime, you think beautiful, blooming flowers. Accentuating your almost bare face with a sprinkling of feminine, dainty flowers provides a fresh, cool, clean look. With everyone else going overboard, you will stand out in the crowd.

Using yellow liquid eyeliner, carefully place 5 small dots about a ½ inch apart, just above the curve of your cheekbone. Be sure to leave room for the petals!

With your white liquid eyeliner, (or whatever color you prefer. Sticking with pastels for spring of course!) make 5 small lines, bigger at the base and coming to a point away from the dot.

Let dry before setting your makeup with Zinc It Over Sunscreen Facial Mist.

Credit: Pinterest

Star Crossed Rainbows

spring festival makeup tutorial

Make a bold statement with stars and rainbows! Eye-catching, and beautiful this festival look is unique, trendy, and way to achieve the ultimate festival look. A little time consuming but well worth it to be the rainbow princess of the spring festivals!

What you will need:

  • Rainbow eyeshadow palette
  • Sticky face stars
  • Small sticky gems
  • Multi-colored glitter

How to DIY:

For the rainbow eyes

Using a multi-colored eyeshadow palette, plan your colors. To keep it simple I am going to go with Red, Orange, Green and yellow (you can use any blendable colors you like)

Prime eyelids. Dab eyelid primer on to both lids. This provides a ‘base’ for your eyeshadow. Tip: Use a white primer to make your colors really pop!

Starting at your inner eye, gently apply the red to about ⅓ of your lid, sweeping outward.

Begin adding orange (or whatever color you chose) to the center of your lid. Always start slightly before your last color ended.

Starting on top of where the orange ended, gradually fade the yellow to the outer corner of your eyelid.

Using your green shadow, apply to your lower eyelid, beginning at the corner fading toward the middle of your bottom lashes.

With the blue eyeshadow, finish the inner corner of your lower lid. Always beginning slightly before the last ended.

Blend. Do not blend all of the colors together, just the outer edges for a seamless look.

Apply eyeliner and mascara.

Gems and stars
Alternating between the stick on stars and gems, placing the generously underneath your eyes
And upper cheeks, fading back to the side of your head to your hairline.

Lightly sprinkle the glitter (glitter glaze works awesome!) then apply liberally to the forehead. Try some body glitter on your shoulders and collarbone for the ultimate flirty festival look!

Credit: Sugarpill

Ethereal Easter Angel

spring festival makeup look

Take your spring makeup ideas to a higher level. With this spring festival makeup look, people will believe you have fallen straight from Heaven!

What you’ll need:

  • Chunky gold glitter
  • Fine silver glitter
  • Your favorite gold eyeshadow
  • Deep red eyeshadow
  • Chocolatey brown eyeshadow
  • Brown or red lip liner

How to DIY:

Start by applying the gold eyeshadow to both upper lids.

Lightly add a brown shadow from the center of your eyelid to the outer corner, over the gold. Blend edges.

Dust the chunky gold glitter over your cheeks, just enough to make it look like you have glitter freckles- Like the goddess that you are.

Using the tip of your index finger, apply the fine silver glitter on the inner corner of your eye.

Finish by taking a blending brush, loaded with fine glitter and liberally brush it over your cheekbones.

For the Lips:

Line lips with brown lip liner.

Use red eyeshadow to contour the lips, from the corners outward. Blend lightly.

*Optional: Dab a line of gold shadow down the center of your bottom lip, for an added touch to your heavenly spring makeup look.


After applying any of these awesome spring festival makeup tutorials, it is best to use a facial finishing spray to help it set. That’s it. Three unbelievably easy spring festival make up ideas. Feel free to add your own individual tweaks to make it uniquely you! So now that your makeup is on point, it’s time to figure out what to wear… and yeah, you’re on your own on that one! And don't forget to opt for cruelty-free beauty brands.

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